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stop_whispering's Journal

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Stop Whispering
28 August
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In the end love is the answer,
seek it, accept it.
it's all there is...
Your lesson begins at one and ends at one.
and then
I loled, verily...:)

October 11th, 2006 I had the atrial septal defect(hole inbetween upper two chambers of heart) closed :)
I am hoping now to change and improve many things in my life. Let the reinvention begin...

Information about congenital heart defects

Meanwhile enjoy my "cell phone" art :)

~~The INFJ --also here, and here I have taken this psychology test many times, and different tests and every time it comes up INFJ, it really is uncanny. This describes me better than I can describe myself :)

The Editors and inspirational advisors

Left to right, Bella the bossy chihuahua(9yo), Daisy the wild barn girl(11yo), Kayla my sweet siamese(passed 9/21/08 @15yo she is missed by momma every day and always my sweet girl...), and Mr. Baxter Bear, the most patient(age unknown, angel sent to watch momma Feb. of 1999) and momma's only boy, Maine coon cat.


Are you a complete product of your environment? Have you ventured to think outside that box? It's amazing to realize just how much of what you have come to believe as truth is in reality your socialization to your environment. An indoctrination. The epiphany that is this realization can be exciting yet scary too. Don't fear knowledge. Read books from authors outside your particular box. Way outside, in sight, and along the edges...Seek others on the internet, where there is a wealth of people and ideas, or just about anywhere...Dare. Open your mind to all the possibilities...Feed your head, it's hungry :)

"None are more enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
— Goethe

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